Nip Nature & Shakti Dishwash Maha Tub

NIP Active Maha Tub

Available Pack

  • 500g

Introducing new NIP NATURE & SHAKTI DISHWASH MAHA TUB with 'Nature' implies fragrance of Lemon, Chandan & Neem and 'Shakti' of powerful formulation which not only cleans oil & grease but removes the invisible germs from utensils. Its superior quality and unique fragrance makes dishwashing a pleasant experience.


  • Removes OIL & GREASE from utensils.
  • Removes INVISIBLE GERMS effectively from utensils.
  • Leaves your dishes sparkling clean.
  • Contains pleasant perfume of LEMON, CHANDAN & NEEM which makes dishwashing a very pleasant experience.
  • Natural balanced formula keeps your hands soft.
  • Clean all types of utensils -crockery, cutlery, crystal-ware, steel & silver etc with utmost satisfaction.
  • 100% Vegetarian Dishwash Bar: Product contains no animal ingredients.