Impact Detergent Powder

Impact Detergent Powder

Available Packs

  • 4kg
  • 1kg
  • 500g
  • 90g

Impact Smart Wash is a revolution that is changing how India is washing her clothes. The Revolutionary Optiblend Technology gives you the complete washing solution.

Impact takes care of all types of clothes. The optical brightener brightens whites and adds new life to colors; enzymes remove all types of stains; rough fabrics become softer; cuffs and collars are easily cleaned; and clothes are left germ free and exotically fragrant. Experience the new Impact Smart Wash. The Revolutionary Optiblend Technology in Impact Smart Wash provides a complete washing solution that addresses ten critical areas of fabric care.

  • Super Whiteness & Brightness.
  • Protects Colors.
  • Soft on Fabrics.
  • Long-lasting Fine Perfume.
  • Stain Fighter Enzyme Technology.
  • Effortless Cuffs & Collar Cleaning.
  • Soft on Hands & Sensitive skin.
  • Powefully efficient in Front and Top load Washing machines, & Bucket Wash.
  • Removes Germs.
  • Effective in Soft & Hard Water.