New Nip Active Dishwash Gel

New Nip Dishwash Liquid

Available Packs

  • 250ml
  • 115ml

Nip Germi Clean Action not only clears oil and grease but also erases out invisible germs from your cooking and eating utensils. 

  • Concentrated Liquid: Just a few drops of Nip Active Dishwash Liquid effectively remove oil and grease to give you sparkling clean utensils.
  • Germi Clean Action: Nip Active Dishwash Liquid removes germs ensuring absolutely germ free utensils Bartan Healthy…Aap Healthy.
  • All Types of Utensils: Nip Active Dishwash Liquid is equally effective for your delicate crockery as well as for your big oily and greasy cooking utensils.
  • Delightful Fragrance: The pleasing aroma of Nip Active Dishwash liquid makes dishwashing a pleasant experience.
  • 100% Vegetarian Dishwash Liquid: Product contains no animal ingredients.